Saturday, 12 July 2008

About M0BGR's Station

I live in a crowded suburban area where external antennas are not allowed. This means I have to either run low power with clandestine antennas or go out portable/mobile.

My station consists for an SGC-2020 for HF and an FT-817 for all bands, QRP, Portable. Additionally I have a Kenwood D7 for VHF/UKF FM and packet/APRS and a Yaesu VX5-R for VHF/UHF FM.

My antennas are all in the loft space:-

  • An HF doublet that tunes OK on all bands with my Z-11 auto tuner
  • A 6m fixed horizontal dipole (made from some old 15mm copper pipe)
  • A 2m 5-element beam on my Yaesu G-250 rotator
  • A 70cm 7-element beam, also on my rotator.
  • A vertical 2m/70 cm co-linear for FM.

As well as operating in London, we have a house in Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolk and I operate from there whenever possible.

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