Tuesday, 12 July 2011

FM Radio Switch Off

OFCOM are now planning the FM radio switch off (and AM radio switch off) and turning the whole of radio broadcasting in UK over to DAB. Their consultation is tucked away on an obsure part of their web site:


This is clearly a cynical ploy to make sure they only get comments from industry insiders who want the switch over to go ahead. If you are opposed to the FM switch off, you should comment on this consultation and here are a few reasons why you should:

  • DAB does not work - the UK has chosen the wrong system (DAB Plus is better, but far from perfect) so you are likely to wind up with a poorer radio service than you currently enjoy on FM.
  • DAB radios eat batteries, so it will cost you far more and we will damage the environment.
  • If you enjoy local radio coverage from an adjacent area, that does not officially cover where you are, you will loose this (that's what OFCOM say).
  • Extending DAB nationally requires lots of new transmitters. This is never going to happen so large areas will be left with no coverage. Spend on new transmitters will be based on population covered, fine if you live in a big city, but what happens when you go on holiday?
  • Speaking of which, UK DAB does not work in foreign countries and few countries are following UK to rush headlong into digital broadcasting.
Go to the OFCOM site now and let them know your thoughts. I am not opposed to DAB, it has some merits, but I am opposed to switching off FM and AM broadcasting in UK.

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