Monday, 11 July 2011

Royal Wedding Special Callsign MR0BGR

I did get on the air with my special call sign MR0BGR, but not for as long as I would have liked - work got in the way and I was abroad for part of the period covered by my licence.
There seemed to be lots of 'MR' staions using SSB and CW on the popular bands so I went for PSK-31, mostly on 30m, but I did use the other bands and did some CW. Most of my contacts were within Europe. It looked like the solar cycle was picking up, but the SFI dropped away to the low 100s for most of the time that I was able to operate so conditions were not great.
I have posted the QSL cards on eQSL and will send paper ones, via the bureau, shortly. If you worked me and do not have an eQSL card, let me know as this is an oversight on my part. A few Short Wave Listeners (SWL) have sent QSL cards direct - I will reply when I get my cards printed.
Thanks for those who worked me or sent SWL reports - these are always welcome here.
Dave, M0BGR

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