Sunday, 28 August 2011

DAB Radio - Switching off FM and AM.

I have responded to OFCOM's consultation on the UK Government's Digital Radio Action Plan. (DRAP) - see the 12th July blog entry here.

Sony S55 FM/DAB Radio

Essentially, the Government wants to switch off FM radio, so they can sell the spectrum. The planning document makes it very clear that DAB radio will never cover as well as FM and millions of people will loose radio services they currently enjoy. For example, if you get Classic FM now on FM, but you are 'not supposed to' (whatever that means), then you may not get it on DAB after switch over.

Another example: if you get stations on FM radio from an adjacent area (for example Radio Kent in SE London) you will loose that. This is important if you are a commuter and want to know what's happening in the area you are travelling in to as well as your own area.

The OFCOM DAB radio consultation closes on 14th September 2011 so, if you care about your broadcast radio service, download the form now and send it back to OFCOM.


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