Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mo0BGR - Special Callsign for Olympics

Special call signs seem to be a lot like London buses (  - none for ages, then two come along at once.

I now have my licence variation for MO0BGR (Mike Oscar Zero Bravo Golf Romeo), which is valid from 21 July to  9 September 2012. This comes straight after MQ0BGR, from 5 May to 10 June 2012.

I understand that many stations will want to work these special event call signs but I am not sure if I will get on the air much with MO0BGR. The reasons are that I will also be operating the Cray Valley Radio Society special event station, 2O12L ( 2 Oscar 12 Lima ), this is peak holiday season so I may be away and it comes straight after MQ0BGR. If I do get on the air with MO0BGR, this will mostly be on PSK-31 and CW (Morse) QRP.

For CW (Morse), I operate at 20 words per minute , so don't call faster than this. If your CW is not yet up to 20 wpm, just send "QRS" and I will be very happy to slow down to your speed.

Again, most QSLs for MO0BGR will be via eQSL; paper cards will only be sent on request.

Dave M0BGR

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