Thursday, 10 May 2012

I was on the air again last night as MQ0BGR on 30m CW. Nice run of European stations, not a pile up but kept me busy for a while. Then propagation took a turn for the worse, with signals weakening, noise increasing and QSB (fading) making life difficult. Apologies to those stations I could not work, particularly I1ULJ who vanished into the QSB. I did copy enough to put you in the log, but I hate not being able to complete a contact.

After closing on CW I left my station running on 30m WSPR ( ) - propagation overnight was very poor indeed, with very few stations heard.  I checked to solar web sites this morning and I see there was a major disturbance on the sun yesterday from sunspot 1476, which may have upset propagation last night.

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