Sunday, 6 May 2012

MQ0BGR is Now Active

My Special Event call sign, MQ0BGR is now active. I was on the air last night  straight after the new call sign came into effect. My first QSO was with OG2O (thanks Eikka) on CW. The most interesting QSO was with EA5HWP on 20m CW this morning. Luis was running only 700 mW QRP and we managed to exchange a lot more than just RST which makes QSOs like this very satisfying, so thanks Luis.

Interest in the special call sign was not as high as I expected and I had to call 'CQ' quite a lot to get a response.  I was only spotted once, by RM8W (thanks Andrey).

The solar conditions today remained grim, with an SFI only 107, so I worked mostly 30m, with occasional trips to 40m and 20m on CW or PSK. If conditions improve, then I will try the higher bands and might even be tempted to use SSB.

All QSOs to the end of today (5 May) are now on eQSL.

And, if you were wondering, here is a picture of my shack!



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