Wednesday, 13 June 2012

MQ0BGR QRT. MO0BGR Coming up!

My special event call sign, MQ0BGR to celebrate the Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee, has now closed down (QRT).The licence expired at midnight at the end of 10th June so it will not be back on the air again.

Thanks to all who worked me, but the level of interest was a little disappointing. I worked only 65 stations in 18 countries. Some of this was down to me because I was running low power and was away from London for part of the time. Propagation was quite average during the event. Interest was good at the start, but towards the end I had several sessions calling CQ with no response. My belief is that the duration was too long so MQ was no longer ‘special’. I think that for future events, two weekends and the week in between would be enough time for 'special' call signs.

All QSOs have now been uploaded to eQSL, but if I missed any or misread your call sign do let me know. So far, 21 (30%) stations have sent me eQSLs – thanks! I will send paper cards via the bureau only for those I receive or that are requested.

Turning to the future, I have a licence for the Olympics special call sign, MO0BGR (Mike Oscar Zero….) from 21 July to 7th September. This coincides with the operation of my club’s (Cray Valley Radio Society) special station 2O12L (2 Oscar 12 Lima), which I hope to operate. So given the lack of interest in MQ0BGR, I am inclined to use my ‘radio time’ at 2O12L and not to do much with MO0BGR, but we shall see.

Thanks again for those who worked MQ0BGR and have sent QSLs.



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