Friday, 3 August 2012

Operating 2o12L and Mo0BGR

I got up early this morning to operate 2o12L ( Good session on 20m CW (Morse). Band condiitons were not great but lots of European stations and a few Asiatic Russians worked. I had hoped for some Far East stations, but conditions were not up to this. Unfortunately there were still lots calling when I had to close down to go to work ( :-(

2o12L Antennas
2o12L Antennas (some of them!).

Last night, I worked CW (Morse) on 30m from my own station Mo0BGR. Someone kindly 'spotted' me on the DX cluster so I got a nice run of stations. Nothing like a 2o12L pile up, as my station is slightly more modest, but it still kept me busy for a while.

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