Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Roberts Unologic Radio, DAB and DAB+ (DAB Plus)

As you know from previous posting, I really like the Roberts Unologic DAB radio (see 13 July 2012, So much so that I recently bought another as a gift for someone.
Roberts Unologic DAB / DAB+ Radio
Roberts Unologic DAB / DAB+ Radio
I was surprised, when I opened it, to see a label on the front saying DAB+ (DAB Plus, a more advanced digital broadcasting system).
Label on New Roberts Unologic Radio
Regular readers will know I have written previously about DAB vs DAB+ (see July 2012 and July 2011 ) I strongly believe UK, by being an early adopter of digital radio, has chosen the wrong system.  With its proposals to drop FM broadcasting (and so free up the spectrum for sale) UK Government is trying to force us to all use the unsatisfactory and obsolete DAB broadcast standard when a much better DAB+ system is widely used in other parts of the world.
I emailed Roberts to ask them what was going on and here is their reply:
All our new production will have the combination of DAB/DAB+
If the box and the information states DAB/DAB+/FM then it does have all these functions.
The UK uses DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) mode and other countries such as Australia, Switzerland, Germany use the DAB+ mode.
As we now supply these countries it was necessary to add DAB+ to the formats although there are no written in stone plans to change to DAB+ in the UK in the near future.
The operation of the set would be the same with either DAB or DAB+
It is good to see that at least one manufacturer, Roberts, has seen sense and is now including DAB+ capability in its new radio production. Taking this reply at face value, it seems that the user does not need to do anything to tune these radios to DAB+ broadcasts when they become available.
So, for purchasers of new Robert’s products there is apparently an upgrade path when UK government is forced to abandon DAB and go over to DAB+. I am not sure about other manufacturers or older radios, but please post any information you have here. I also wonder how many people have been conned into buying radios that will become obsolete by the ‘I love DAB’ publicity campaigns over the last few years.  

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